5. IMPORTANT! Handling Unsubscribes/Opt-Outs

When a contact opts out of receiving your emails, this will only opt out/unsubscribe the Email1 email address if you sent it directly from Infusionsoft or the Email2 email address if you sent it via wedeliver.email. This means you can potentially continue sending emails to someone who has opted out and risk getting spam complaints.

But fear not. Adrian has written a script that resolves this issue and synchronises the status between Email1 and Email2.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you implement this IMMEDIATELY!!!

Just follow these steps:

Go to Marketing -> Settings -> Email Defaults, scroll down to “When Someone Opts Out of All Email Marketing:” and click on Actions.

Email Defaults2

Once you’ve clicked on Actions, you get to the Manage Action Set screen, where you will need to select “Send an http post to another server” from the Add New Action dropdown.

Add Action

You will then be prompted for the Post URL, which will be


where you need to replace the placeholders as follows:

APPNAME = your app name, in our example, rc135 (the bit before .infusionsoft.com)
FIRST6APIKEYCHARS = the first 6 characters of your API key, in our example 7cf726 (see section 2. of the FAQ if you don’t know how to find your API key)

No Callname

IMPORTANT: This will not work if you opt someone out manually, e.g. because they have called or emailed you and asked to be removed. Instead, when you set their email address on the General tab to Opt-Out, you will need to do the same for Email Address 2 on the Additional Info tab

To set someone’s email address to opted out, go to their contact record and click on “Manage Email Status” underneath the email address. This opens another window, in which you need to click on the arrow next to “Manually opt-out this address”.

Manage Email Status Manage Opt-Out Status

Select “Default Opt-Out” and click Submit.


Finally, click Save in the person’s contact record.

IMPORTANT: : We strongly discourage you from using the Automated List Management feature in Infusionsoft when using WeDeliver.Email, unless you're also still sending to the primary email address on a regular basis, as this feature sets any email address that hasn't engaged for a period of time (that you set up as part of the process) to Unengaged Non-Marketable. If you're not sending to the primary email addresses, they will eventually all become Unengaged Non-Marketable.