1d. Set Up Mailgun

The MailGun set-up is fairly straightforward but involves enough steps to warrant its own bullet point. Just follow these steps:

1. Adding your Domain

Click on Domains, then on Add New Domain.

Next, enter a subdomain of your domain, e.g. something like  “mailer.yourdomain.com” or “mg.yourdomain.com”, something that’s not used elsewhere. Then click on Add Domain.

2. Verifying your domain

Once your domain has been added, you will go to a screen prompting you to verify your domain. You will be presented with 2 TXT records, 2 MX records and 1 CNAME record that you need to add to the DNS of your domain in your webhosting cPanel.

Please note that it can take 24-48 hours for these changes to propagate. Until they do, your domain information will show as Unverified.

After a day, possibly less, it’s worth going back to check the DNS records in MailGun. Go to Domains, click on your domain and then “Check DNS Records Now”. If they all show green, your domain is verified.

3. Setting up the Webhook

Go to Webhooks, then select your domain on the left and click on the plus symbol next to Hard Bounces, Spam Complaints and Unsubscribes. Then enter the following url in each case, replacing APPNAME with your Infusionsoft app name, e.g. rc135 (the bit that comes before .infusionsoft.com) and FIRST6APICHARS with the first six characters of your Infusionsoft API (this can be found by going to Admin -> Settings, then clicking on Application on the left and scrolling down to the bottom of the screen):


An example would be http://wdem.wedeliver.email/external_webhook.php?app=rc135&auth=12i8b6&esp=mailgun


Set Webhook URL for each of the 3 options. You should then get a screen showing that they’ve been successfully created.

4. Setting up SMPT Credentials

In order to connect MailGun to WeDeliver.Email, you will need to create SMTP credentials that you then enter in the email sending service settings (email sending service username and password).

Click on Domains, on your domain, then on Manage SMTP credentials next to Default Password.



Next enter the username, preferably wedeliveremail, select a password and confirm this password, the click Create Credential.

Remember the credentials so you can add them in the WeDeliver.Email console.