1a. Set Up Send13

Setting up Send13 is very straightforward.

First, you need to go to http://app.send13.com/public/register.php and register. You will be asked for some basic information, such as company name, address, industry, your job role, etc.

You’ll also need to supply billing information and subscribe to the lowest possible plan.

Next, click on DKIM/SPF on the left  hand side and then on Add a DKIM key.

Send13 DKIM 1

Enter your domain name, (in our example, hq.wedeliver.email) and click Add.

Send13 Add Domain Key

Next, click on the blue SPF button to see either the change you need to make to your EXISTING SPF record or the data for your SPF record if you don’t already have one.

Send13 SPF button

For existing SPF records, you’ll simply need to add “include:nfye.send13.com” (without the speech marks) to your SPF record. Alternatively, if you right-click on the highlighted record and copy it, you can replace your existing SPF record with this, as it’s your existing record PLUS the send13 bit. For a brand-new SPF record (do this only if you don’t already have an SPF record), this will need to be “v=spf1 a mx include:nfye.send13.com ~all” (without speech marks) and will need to be a TXT record. Again, you can just right-click and copy the highlighted record. If your SPF record includes “include:infusionmail.com”, you can remove this, as it’s not necessary.


Log into your DNS hosting CPanel and add or modify the SPF record as well as add the DKIM record as specified. Please note that the DKIM record is a TXT record. The Name will be send13._domainkey.yourdomainname.com and the Value will start with k=rsa;

Send13 DKIM 2

We recommend then using https://dmarcian.com/spf-survey/ to validate your SPF record after you’ve changed it to make sure that you don’t have too many included lookups).

Next, click on API, then on Event Filter and select Bounces, Unsubscribes and Spam Complaints under Filter webhook events. The url you need to enter here is http://wdem.wedeliver.email/external_webhook.php?app=xxxxx&auth=yyyyyy&esp=send13, where xxxxx is your Infusionsoft app name, i.e. the bit before .infusionsoft.com (e.g. rc135) and yyyyyy is the first six characters of your Infusionsoft API key.

Select Auto suppress under Email address suppression, then click Submit.


Send13 Webhook 3

IMPORTANT: You will need to contact Send13’s chat support at http://m.me/SendThirteen and telling them that you’re a new WeDeliver customer, in order to make sure that your account is activated. Alternatively, you can send an email to support@send13.com

Once Send 13 have confirmed that your account is activated, you can then send some test emails once you’ve followed the instructions in 2. Enter Your WeDeliver.Email Account Settings.

When you send the test emails (following the instructions in 4. Send Your Test Emails!), make sure they come through (check the email headers if possible to see if they were sent via send13.com).

Only once the webhook and DKIM have been set up would it be safe to send “production” emails via Send13.