6. IMPORTANT! Handling Spam Complaints

Please follow these steps so that when an email bounces or someone reports your email as spam, their status is automatically updated in Infusionsoft.

WARNING: If you don't implement this, there is a massive risk that you will generate an abuse complaint by continuing to email somebody after they've clicked the "spam" button!

To test that this works, once you’ve followed the appropriate instructions below, the easiest way to test it is to add a new contact to Infusionsoft using an email address that looks valid but will definitely bounce, such as invalidaddress@gmail.ocm, and add them to a campaign that will set up Email2 and send out an email via WeDeliver.Email.

For Send13, please refer to 1.a Set Up Send13.

For Amazon SES, please refer to 1.b Set Up Amazon SES.

For SendGrid, please refer to 1c. Set Up SendGrid.

For SparkPost, please refer to 1e. Set Up SparkPost.

If you are using other third party email service providers, please contact WeDeliver.Email Support for instructions.