3. Create Virtual Email Addresses

At this stage, you’re almost ready to send your first test emails!

The only thing left to do is to create “virtual email addresses” for each contact you want to test with in your Infusionsoft database and update the EmailAddress2 field for each of those contacts. This is all done automatically within the WeDeliver.Email admin console.

IMPORTANT: WeDeliver.Email works by using the EmailAddress2 field inside your Infusionsoft application. If you are already using this field, stop at this point and request support, otherwise your data will be overwritten!

You need to decide whether to use Full mode or Selective mode. During testing, we recommend using Selective mode with a small number of contacts.

Full mode creates an Email2 alias for all contacts in the database;

Selective mode only creates an Email2 alias for those contacts with a specific tag applied. (This tag needs to have already been create inside Infusionsoft and applied to the contacts you want to use during testing).

Inside the WeDeliver.Email admin console, click on the Update Contacts link down the left hand side.

Then select “Full” or “Selective” mode as appropriate.

If you select “Selective” mode, choose the tag that you have applied to the contacts you are testing with.

Finally, click the Update Email2 button, which will start the process to create virtual email addresses and update the contacts inside Infusionsoft.

Because this process uses the Infusionsoft API, which can be quite slow, this can take up to one second per contact that needs to be updated.

You can navigate away from this page and the update will continue; the Dashboard screen will confirm the number of contacts that are updated, or you can return to the Update Contacts screen to see progress. Do not click the Update Email2 button a second time! It will restart the process.