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Russell James

I came across Adrian’s service WeDeliverEmail at just the right time, after seeing a recommendation in Jermaine Griggs’ Facebook Group.

I knew we could do a better job reaching our email subscribers more consistently, and going into a launch, everything counted on it.

I’ve seen some awesome results so far, and was able to completely move away from more complex integrations and solutions I was looking at.

Now I send to all my Warm & Hot leads (as identified by the free marketplace email engagement template) with my primary email address through Sparkpost, and to my cold leads wth a different email address through Mandrill.

It’s the ideal setup for me that protects and strengthens my sending reputation, while giving me analytics on deliverability of my emails through Mandrill & Sparkpost.

Lastly, Adrian has been nothing short than a hero in helping me at every step of the way. This guy has a passion for helping you get emails to your subscribers and he was very hands on during the free beta period.

I was totally happy to move to a paid subscription when the time came.

- Russell James · The Raw Chef

Tom Bottorf

I was an early adopter of WeDeliver.Email and give the platform a massive “thumbs-up”. We were having serious deliverability issues with a major ISP… until WeDeliver.Email came along.

WeDeliver.Email’s implementation is brilliant… and it works flawlessly. And their customer/technical support is nothing shy of stellar as well.

This is a must-have if you’re serious about maximizing your emails reaching their destinations.


- Tom Bottorf · Founder, GetCollegeFunding

David Bullock

I’ve been working with many clients who had major deliverability issues. As in zero emails to the inbox due to filtering by overzealous email hosts (I’m looking at you Microsoft) and some regional ISP’s. In each and every case, We Deliver “delivered” on the goods, finally enabling the emails to get through. In one case it saved the client’s business from folding since all her clients were on Microsoft Exchange based systems.

It’s not a silver bullet, it’s not a cure-all, it’s not snake oil, it won’t cure baldness, and it won’t solve your problem if you’ve beaten your list to death, if your copy sucks, or your offer is weak, it may just save your business or increase your profits if you’re doing all the right things but your clients are with a bad mail host.

I was so impressed with what he did for our clients, that we started using it too.

- David Bullock · Business Technology Consultant and Developer of Memberium

Rhonda Latreille

Imagine losing the ability to communicate with your prospects and customers…

Imagine not being able to fulfill your obligations to your customers…

Imagine not being able to invoice and collect money from your customers…

Imagine watching your significant investment and future vision come to a standstill…

Now Imagine being introduced to a bright and personable professional who cares and offers a solution.

What would that be worth to you? It was worth the world to us!

Adrian came to the rescue at a time of great frustration and vulnerability. Our emails were being delivered, but they were not being received by our customers.

He gave us a solution so that we could get back to serving our clients, collecting money owed, and growing our vision.

If you are doing everything right – following all the spam laws, and still have a problem with end-point deliverability – contact Adrian Savage. He Has The Solution!

What’s it worth? His solution delivered the world back to us!

It’s priceless!

- Rhonda Latreille · Founder & CEO at Age-Friendly Business