WeDeliver.Email is priced according to the number of emails you’ll be sending every month.



    • Support via Facebook Group
    • Support Tickets for System Outages
    • Optional Setup Service

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Up to 50,000 emails per month


    • Access to Facebook Group
    • Support via Email Tickets
    • Optional Setup Service

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Up to 500,000 emails per month

White Glove VIP

    • Highly personalised service
    • Dedicated support via Skype
    • Done-for-you setup included

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1 million + emails per month

An overage charge of $10 per additional 10,000 emails will be applied.

If you are sending more than 1 million emails per month, please contact us for our “White Glove Service” VIP Pricing.

WeDeliver works best when there is a specific email deliverability or inbox placement issue that you’re aware of, or if your perception is that a significant enough proportion of your list might not be receiving your emails to affect the effectiveness of your communication. Please could you let me know what the current situation is?

We offer a 14-day free trial of WeDeliver.Email with a limit of 50,000 mails, although you would need to set up an appropriate third-party email sending service which will normally require some level of payment. We normally recommend SparkPost or Mandrill, please see this article for more information which includes the pros and cons of each system.

During the free trial, you’re welcome to set everything up yourself; to get you started quickly, we offer a done-for-you setup service for $250 (for Starter and Premium plans) to get everything set up so that you can send one or more test broadcasts to your list.