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Maximise Your Email Deliverability By Setting Up Your SPF And DKIM Correctly

What Makes SPF and DKIM so Important?

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) are two incredibly effective ways of increasing the likelihood of your emails getting delivered to your recipients’ inboxes, rather than the Promotions Tab or the Spam Folder.

​They are both set up in similar ways, by publishing records online in the DNS (Domain Name System) record for your domain, which can then be accessed by anyone and any system around the world to determine whether or not an email has been legitimately sent.

Why Do I Need It?

If you don’t have SPF and DKIM set up correctly, there is a much greater chance that your emails won’t get to your audience. Instead, they could end up in the Promotions Tab or, worse still, the Spam Folder.

Making Sure Your Email Gets Delivered!

Increased Trust

Your Prospects and Customers know that it’s you who sent the email.

Improved Inbox Placement

​Your Prospects and Customers are more likely to see and open the emails you send.

Greater Engagement and Sales

​The more emails that reach your audience, the greater the likelihood is that they’ll engage with you and that you’ll make more sales.


At WeDeliver.Email, we specialise in setting up SPF and DKIM for clients.

Save time and frustration: Let us log into your DNS control panel and make the correct changes quickly and efficiently, so that you don’t risk making mistakes that could consign your emails to the spam folder.

We’ve rescued many clients who, unknowingly, had errors in their SPF record that was badly impacting their email deliverability.

We’ll ask you a few simple questions to make sure that we understand which systems you send email from, ask you for access to your Infusionsoft account and your Domain Control Panel, and then get everything working for you within 2 business days.

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So, Tell Me More About SPF and DKIM?


SPF is the Internet’s way of telling the world who is trusted to send emails on your behalf. If you don’t have an SPF record, every email that gets sent with your name in the “From” address is treated with equal suspicion.

So, it’s vital that you publish an SPF record that tells the world which email systems you trust to send your emails. This might include your own Internet Service Provider’s mail system, or it could be Google, Microsoft Office 365 or a host of other business email providers.

You also need to make sure you include email marketing and marketing automation systems, such as Infusionsoft.

Not having an SPF record or, even worse, having one that’s not set up correctly can severely impact your ability to get your emails into your recipients’ inboxes.


DKIM is a way of digitally signing emails using public and private keys and proves that each email was sent by an authorised user of the domain it was sent from. It works by using a private key to insert a digital signature into every email that’s sent.

When the email is received by the recipient’s email system, the message can be automatically validated using a public key, which the sender publishes as part of their DNS (Domain Name System) record.

If the email isn’t signed or, even worse, it’s signed and can’t be verified using the public key that’s been published, there’s a strong likelihood that the email will end up in the Spam Folder or the Promotions Tab.


You can go one step further and use DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance), which can actually tell the world to reject emails that are sent from your domain that are not correctly signed. We don’t recommend that unless you’re having problems with fake mails being allegedly sent from your own domain.

How The Process Works

We’ll ask you a few simple questions to make sure that we understand which systems you send email from, ask you for access to your Infusionsoft account and your Domain Control Panel, and then get everything working for you within 2 business days.

  • We’ll analyse your existing SPF record (if present), correct any errors and make sure that all appropriate settings are included
  • We’ll log into your Infusionsoft account identify the correct DKIM settings
  • We’ll log into your Domain Control Panel and update your DNS entries as required

We’ll aim to complete the work within two working days; it can then take up to 24 hours for the changes to be propagated around the world because of the way that DNS works. In some cases, we have to raise a support ticket with the DNS provider; in those cases, the time taken will depend on how quickly the DNS provider responds to the support ticket.


If you have everything set up correctly and no changes are required, or if a limitation on your Domain Hosting prevents us from getting things working for you, we will happily refund your payment. In the unlikely event that we set up something incorrectly, we will correct the mistake and happily refund your payment.

Please note: although correct SPF and DKIM records are the best way of ensuring that your emails will be delivered to the inbox, we cannot guarantee any specific improvement in deliverability; nor is it possible to measure any improvement. Open rates of emails can vary widely from the same sender depending on the subject line, content of email, time of day, day of week and many other variables.

If you have a specific email deliverability issue and have already worked with Infusionsoft Support to try to resolve it, we offer additional consulting services and you might want to try our WeDeliver.Email software. Please contact us for more details.

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