"Do You Have Email Deliverability Problems?"

If some of your contacts aren't receiving the emails you send from Infusionsoft, we have the solution!

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Have you ever spoken to someone who should have received your broadcast email for them to say "I never got your mail"? And when they've checked, it's either gone into their spam folder or, worse, it just never even appeared in spam!

It's a known fact that some email servers out there, particularly corporate or government-run mail systems, silently reject any emails sent by Infusionsoft without even bouncing them.

It's not Infusionsoft's fault and it's not your fault, they shouldn't do it, but they do. Our solution deals with this by acting as the "middle man" between Infusionsoft and the specific contacts you have trouble sending mails to.

It integrates quickly and easily with some of the best known transactional email services that are proven to have a greater rate of deliverability success in difficult situations. For more details, sign up here!